The “Equality” Story

Abhijeet Parida
3 min readAug 27, 2017


A friend of mine and I, once had a discussion on how an egoistic society based on currency can never really have parity between men in any form. I rooted for the topic while he was on the opposite spectrum. The topic went through with discussion about major world governments from a Democratic Capitalist country to a truly Free Market Socialist Country also to that of a Jingoistic Communist country. To verify to me, some of the points he argued about, he pulled out the above picture and he was like “see who is correct?”.

The left half of the depiction describes a system, where everyone is provided with equal opportunity irrespective of a human being innate abilities. It is like a pre-programed assembly line where irrespective of the raw material, the machines carry out the same process on each of it. The main aim of such a society is to provide everyone a chance to grow. They don’t care about the individual but consider the entire society in its entirety. These regimes forget Darwin and his principles, “all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce”. A stronger powerful “breed” of individuals stay ahead of the “herd” of humans, contrary to the government’s aspiration of everyone being at par because they treat them equal.

The “equity” half of the representation is much improved than the “equality” as they have understood what Charles Darwin’s Model is all about, made adjustment to their planning and allocate more to the alleviation of the deprived. The planners know the “stronger breed” need little or no external support and divert the resources to the “weaker pack”. But these societies generally crumble due to restricted view of human beings and arises arguments of favoritism and mismanagement of the system. A society so plagued by the problems, that their introspection gives them a conclusion that “equality” is way better than “equity”.

The sanguine humans of the earth, with larger pictures in their minds, may feel that “equity” is the best offer for the world. To them I would like to introduce the world of “fairness”. A society where the “wall” and the “stands in the stadium” do not exist. A Utopian society, where people do not get a chance pay for the seats in a stadium and no wall protecting the interest of the individuals, who paid. A society that has no barrier, that people may require any kind of special ability to overcome them. A country where there is no hard currency, a dwelling where you walk into supermarket pick up what you “need” and walk out. A place where the absence of any hard currency would remove the egotist tendency of man and they would only require what they need and not what they want out of theirs wimps and fancy. A society where people go to great lengths to maintain status quo because the world outside such a society is “dark and full of terror”. A place where people will heavy censorship to prevent rekindling of their primal instincts as the entire world order is not changed as per their lines.

To the people reading this, I would like to appeal to keep an open mind and not get swayed away by propaganda spread by various institutions and try to think about people on the other side and their choices. This is mostly because our history is written by victors, and we are being steered into our futures by these victors and their policies.